Parenting children who experienced early childhood trauma is the most challenging thing I have ever attempted. I can’t imagine how I did it when my children and I weren’t working with Jaime. She is intuitive and insightful and has managed to establish a genuine rapport with both my son and my daughter. At first they were resistant to make the 2 hour drive (one-way) for the appointments. Now my son says he likes to “chat” with Jaime. Jaime also supports me as a mother and I know that I am a better parent now. Both my children have a lot of healing to accomplish yet, but there’s hope they can be successful.”
— Adoptive mother of a 12 year old boy and 11 year old girl.

Before coming to see Miss Jaime, our family was falling apart. Living with our adopted daughter who was 12 at the time was misery. Her behaviors threatened the structure of our entire family, the happiness of her younger brother, and created a stress in our marriage that hadn’t been there prior to her adoption. I felt as if she was sucking the very life from me. The happy family that I dreamed of before adopting and that we saw our friends experience with their children wasn’t present in our home. Our home was an angry, volatile place that no one wanted to come back to at the end of the day.

Talking with Miss Jaime during the first two sessions with her was such a relief. We had finally found a professional that understood what we were living with. Miss Jaime GETS these kids! Miss Jaime provided us knowledge on why our daughter behaved like she did and what we needed to do to help our daughter help herself. Along with that knowledge she provided us with specific techniques to bring our daughter and our home into control. After giving us the tools to be effective parents, she began working with our daughter to help her heal.

We have been seeing Miss Jaime for two years and our home is a much happier and peaceful place. There are times I say, “Wow, this is what being a parent is supposed to be like”! For the first time, I have hope for what the future holds for my daughter, not fear. Things in our home aren’t perfect, but what home with teenagers is? The difference is now we are dealing with more normal teenage behaviors and fewer behaviors related to attachment issues.
— Adoptive mother of a 12 year old girl.

I like to go to Ms.Jaime’s, because she helps me with my problems and my feelings.
So I like to go to Ms.Jaime’s!
She helps me by talking with me, and also with telling me to try new things. The first time I went to Ms.Jaime’s I felt scared, but now when I go to Ms.Jaime’s I feel not so scared. She has helped me to learn new ways to do Program, and to make it fun!
She has helped me to find ways to express my feelings.
She likes to have me come to my appointments, because she thinks I am a good kid.
Ms. Jaime has taught me to do my 6 jobs! (Be respectful, responsible, fun to be with, and Do things right the first time, The adults way, and FAST and Snappy!!) She taught me how to say in the mirror, that reflects to me: “I’m a good kid, I’m a good kid, I’m a good kid!” It made me feel happy inside.
I like to visit Ms.Jaime becasue she is a good person.
Ms.Jaime knows the things that I like, and she knows me very well.
— 10 year old boy, adopted at age 4

I remember my son stated one time after an appointment: I feel happy!!! It was very evident that this is what he was feeling, and he was able to express it!
— Mother of a 10 year old adopted boy

Before finding Jaime Berger, our family had therapy appointments with a few other counselors from different offices. When we started seeing Jaime my reactions was, “It’s as if we had a broken arm and had been going to a foot doctor all along. Now we have finally found an arm doctor!” No other therapist really understood how to approach the adoption issues we were dealing with. I appreciated that Jaime told us at the outset that we should set aside two years to work in therapy with her. That really helped me understand that by making a big commitment to the process, we could hope to see significant changes over time. In other words, she did not offer a casual, band-aid approach. I was also impressed with Jaime’s ability to adapt her standard practices to our unique situation. Our life with our adopted daughter was transformed through therapy with Jaime.
— Mother of an adopted daughter from India

We were running low on hope when we met Jaime. We met our son at age 4, and he had been abused and neglected his entire life. This background followed him to our home, where he threw violent fits, acted out sexually, and refused our love and discipline.

Jaime introduced us to attachment/bonding therapy. Our 9-year-old son is now affectionate, verbalizes his anger rather than acting out, is no longer impulsive, and has earned our trust.

Jaime’s expert advice, calm demeanor, and positive attitude has gotten us through the worst of times. She has become a trusted advisor for us and our children. She’s a true gift to our family’s stability, and we encourage any parent with attachment issues to give her a call.
— Father of four (three adopted)

“Healed” was never a word I thought would describe our family. I couldn’t see it. We were on a long road, with little support from real people who understood exactly what we were going through. We adopted our son when he was 6 and found Ms. Jaime when he was 7. Our son had multiple diagnoses: PTSD, ADHD, Anxiety Disorder, RAD, and Tourette’s.

We had decided the best thing for our family would be to not medicate our child, but to dig down deep to help him through his problems. We didn’t realize how long and hard this process would be, but we do know that we found the right guide in Ms. Jaime. She is direct but gentle, she is firm but supportive, and she is genuine. She has put our family together and given us the tools to parent our child, who was once terribly broken. Now we have the support and tools that we need to heal our family. We know that our job is not done or ever going to be easy, but we know that we have the tools, skills, and support from Ms. Jaime.
— Mother of 4 (3 adopted)