When to get an Attachment Evaluation

You should schedule and evaluation with a qualified attachment therapist if your child has experienced any of the following early life events:

  • Seperation from birth mother

  • Multiple changes in caregiver, particularly ages 0-3

  • Frequent moves and/or placements in institutions or hospitals

  • Physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, particularly ages 0-3

  • Neglect or denial of basic needs, such as food, clothing, shelter, or medical care

  • Harsh or inconsistent parenting

  • Toxic substance exposure, particularly ages 0-3

  • Toxic substance exposure in utero

  • Substance abuse by primary caregiver

  • Illness resulting in long periods of pain or hospitalization, particularly ages 0-3

  • Complications during birth

  • Mother affected by postpartum depression

  • Mother under chronic stress during pregnancy